Kiosks for Health-Check

How It Works

  1. The kiosk screen plays normal signage until the sensor senses someone within range
  2. The kiosk then asks the person to come into optimum range for temperature scanning
  3. Once in range the controller queries the temp sensor and sends the highest reading
  4. Various diagnostic/analysis with the tested information:
    1. Inform the person of their temperature
    2. Inform personnel in the vicinity of a suspected fever
    3. Collect the information / location / age-gender
    4. Locally store information or send to a secondary database or both for analysis

Kiosk Features

  1. Simple – Walk-up to take one’s temperature
  2. InfraRed temperature sensor with a sonic sensor as an IoT integrated device
  3. Free-standing, counter, or wall mount options
  4. Touch-Screen 21.5” Android tablet 1080 x 1920P (Portrait)
  5. Commercial-grade tablet with 3-year manufacturer warranty
  6. Quad-core Adapt-IQV with Android 6 OS
  7. 5MP camera
  1. Scratch-free tempered glass
  2. Design and tested for 24/7 use
  3. Wireless Ethernet and Wired RJ45
  4. CMS Software with a 12-month license
  5. Custom Message with replaceable Sintra graphics or custom wrap
  6. Installation nationwide available
  7. 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on Tablet / 1-Year on Kiosk / 6-Months on Sensor

Sensor Array - Components

Sensor Array – Temperature Sensor

Sensor Array – Proximity Sensor